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Recent & Selected Writing

The Rumpus

Career Day

The New Yorker

The Surrealist | Picture This

Compound Butter

Regular contributor: Call Me Plissken in the Escape issue, Happy Surprises, Not Secrets: A Conversation with Alisson Wood, Author of Being Lolita in the Our Club issue, You Can Never Go Home, But You Can Go to the Store in the Comfort issue, Judgement City in the Fantasy issue, Sitting Shiva in the Tradition issue... and more!


The Dragon | If I Took Them | I've Never Seen Die Hard...


I Was Desperate to Find a Roommate. Now, I’m Marrying Him During a Pandemic.


Death Doula (& the accompanying postcard!)

New Ohio Review


Taco Bell Quarterly

Don't Tell Me to Write More Love Poems

Third Point Press

The One Where _____ _____

Pigeon Pages

Missing, Not Dead


The MetroCard Machine Asks Whether I Want to Add Value or Time

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